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Welcome! This is the website for Pascal (Van Kooten AI Solutions)

textsearch - an NLP library for fast and configurable search

Speed and accuracy is everything in Natural Language Processing (NLP). Some decide to go a “pure” Deep Learning route, but even when going in that direction, there are many situations in which you need a fast text searcher. Sometimes you just are looking for, say, 10000 words in [bm]illions of... [Read More]

Van Kooten AI Solutions

I have decided to start freelancing as Van Kooten AI Solutions and will use my personal blog as a company (freelancer) website vks.ai. This will be my landing page, but I will still keep posting about projects that are interesting to me! You can still find and contact me... [Read More]

Predict where you are indoors

(WiFi + Machine Learning)

I just wanted to give a shoutout to a project I think is very awesome: https://github.com/schollz/find “High-precision indoor positioning framework for most wifi-enabled devices.” It used to be in Python, but moved to Go for I assume speed and ease of porting to other platforms. Also, I wanted to... [Read More]