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Welcome! This is the website for Pascal (Van Kooten AI Solutions)

AI challenge in 78 lines (top 5%)

The challenge (Tron) Tron is a multiplayer game in which 2-4 players play a snake-like game. Every step one makes, the board gets filled by one block. Whenever a player has nowhere to go, they lose. Last man standing. See a video below of 4 bots in action on... [Read More]

Three awesome Open-Source projects discovered

I’ve realised today that the following Open-Source Generic Command-Line tools (developed in Python) are great “lifehacks”. Without further ado: Never lose a command: bashhub The idea is that bashhub will store all the commands you use on any connected device, and you can use bh... [Read More]

Sending Advanced Emails Made Simple in Python

I will give two simple examples that would answer 90% of the questions asked on stackoverflow w.r.t. “python send email” **. Most of the time people are struggling with just simply sending ANY email (using smtplib). And then there are 3 other cases which come up often: sending (rich)... [Read More]

Alpha Preview of EMacs Python (EMP)

STATUS: PRE-ALPHA – did not check for bugs yet emp’s goal is to be a full environment for everything Python. It builds on top of elpy, and provides even more bindings. It is a real attempt at convincing people to... [Read More]