Blogging, projects and such

Welcome! This is the website for Pascal (Van Kooten AI Solutions)

Sending Advanced Emails Made Simple in Python

I will give two simple examples that would answer 90% of the questions asked on stackoverflow w.r.t. “python send email” **. Most of the time people are struggling with just simply sending ANY email (using smtplib). And then there are 3 other cases which come up often: sending (rich)... [Read More]

Alpha Preview of EMacs Python (EMP)

STATUS: PRE-ALPHA – did not check for bugs yet emp’s goal is to be a full environment for everything Python. It builds on top of elpy, and provides even more bindings. It is a real attempt at convincing people to... [Read More]

Parsimonious Art

or objectively measuring art

Rather than going for optimizing “aesthetic value”, what about “art” that tries to optimize using as few “resources” as possible (no I’m not talking “minimalism” here, bear with me)? I’ve studied statistics, where a statistical model with fewer parameters is preferred over a statistical model with more parameters. Try to... [Read More]

Grand opening

Website went live 13-09-2015

This will be the place where I will write about things that interest me. Mostly, this will be projects using Python, shared on github, but… who knows. Whenever there is a problem that took longer time to solve, I might blog about it to help others. [Read More]